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Please enjoy the following craft projects and tips/techniques. The skill level for all projects shown here are for beginners. They are fun, easy and many are perfect for working with children. We hope you give them a try!

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Homemade Glitter Play Dough

Posted by Tabitha on 4/27/2017 to Projects
Homemade Glitter Play Dough

This is a great glitter project for kids and the whole family.

You get to make homemade play dough then make ornaments for your Christmas tree.

For this glitter craft project you will need:

  • 1/4 cup of salt
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 3-6 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • food coloring
  • craft glitters - I used chunky (0.040 size) sized craft glitter in Jeweled Blue, Blue Dazzle, Light Blue Luster, and Ghost Iridescent colors. If you use fine flake glitter for this project the glitter will probably disappear. So go for the 0.040 or larger flake size.
  • a bowl
  • a spoon
  • craft gloves (to avoid getting food coloring on your skin)
  • an apron (to avoid getting food coloring on your clothes)

Place the salt, water, oil, and flour into a medium mixing bowl and stir together with the spoon.

The more oil you use the less likely the play dough will be crumbly. So start with 3 tablespoons and add a tablespoon at a time more until you reach the consistency of play dough you wish for.

Now comes the messy part.

Remember to put your craft gloves on. Add the food coloring 3 - 5 drops at a time. The more coloring you add the deeper the color of the play dough.

I used a total of 5 drops of blue for this batch of blue sparkle play dough.

Blend in the food coloring until you reach the color you wish for.

You will get a good hand and arm work out with these last two steps of making your homemade glitter play dough. The whole family can help with this part of this glitter project as it takes a bit of time to blend the food coloring and glitter into the play dough.

Now to add and mix in the glitter colors. I added a total of 1/8 cup of glitter to this batch of play dough.

I did attempt to use Poly Glitter with this glitter craft project, only to have the ploy glitter disappear in the mix, so I recommend sticking with a chunky (0.040) or bigger flake size.

Now that the food coloring is mixed in you can take off the craft gloves and mix the glitter in with your bare hands.

I do not recommend adding the glitter with the food coloring as the food coloring can coat the glitter and dull the shine.

This glitter play dough came out nice and sparkly.

Make sure to store your homemade play dough in a sealed container. I found this great glass jar at my local craft store.