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Glitter Bath Bombs

Glitter For Bath Bombs

We have a couple of options for glitter bath bomb makers. The first is a very large selection of Cosmetic Grade polyester glitters. All of these glitters are OK for skin and will be fine going through the bomb making process. Some look better than others, but all of them will work. The favorites are the Holographics, Metallics, Iridescents. The second option is to go with the Biodegradable Glitters from the Boutique Exhibitions line. The benefit of using these glitters is that they are super environmentally friendly. Just be sure to run tests with your ingredients and bomb making procedures.

-Biodegradable Glitters-

Cosmetic Grade Glitters

Cosmetic Holographic GlittersCosmetic Iridescent GlittersCosmetic Metallic GlittersCosmetic Mica Elements Glitter
Cosmetic Pearlescent GlittersCosmetic Prism Glitters