Credit Card Security

When you pay with a credit card at our site we will not keep that number on file. The transmitting of that number is covered by the 3DCart & GeoTrust SSL. You should have a lock displayed on the checkout pages near the top of the screen. No hard copy of your credit card number is kept in our office and the number does not appear on your invoice.

However, if you are not comfortable with submitting your credit card number on-line we do recommend that you choose another payment option when you check out such as PayPal. You might also consider buying a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard or taking a look at a re-loadable Visa card at

Personal Information

We do not purposely share/sell your registration information with anyone. This includes your address, phone number, email address or what you ordered. We have never done this in the past and will never do so in the future. We will not contact you after your transaction is completed unless there is an issue with your order or you initiate contact with us.

Mailing List

If you join our email mailing list, we will not share or sell that address. We will not purposely disclose your email address to any person beyond the staff that sends the newsletter out. We also do not capture email addresses to use for spamming. It is up to you to take yourself off our mailing list if you change your mind. This can be done by the Unsubscribe button, found at the bottom of any e-mail newsletter you receive from us.

Limited Return Policy

You should know that we have a limited return policy for this website. Not all items/orders are considered returnable. It is up to you to read the Return Policy before placing an order through this website. This policy is in place to help us keep our prices as low as possible for you. Low returns = lower everyday prices.

Service Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. This company is here to offer high-quality products at a great price. We are not here to be abused, and if our staff is treated badly we reserve the right to cancel the sale and issue an immediate refund. This includes direct or implied threats, verbal abuse, and related. In addition to this, we reserve the right to not explain our actions if we feel it will lead to further abuse by the customer. Anyone who puts in a chargeback against our company should consider that we will no longer fill any future orders for them unless the chargeback is canceled and any fees paid.

Damage Claims

If a package arrives damaged we must be told within 3 days so we can begin the UPS/USPS damage claim process. Do not throw out the box or use the contents during this time. For a claim to be successful the shipping company must be able to visually verify the damage if they ask to inspect it. Once the claim is finished, the items can usually be dispensed with. If you do not follow these instructions, a claim cannot be processed and a refund will not be made. There are no exceptions to this.