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Fishing Lure Glitter

Glitter For Fishing Lures

There are different methods of creating or enhancing fishing lures with glitter. Some involve solvents, some epoxy, others high heat, etc. The glitters shown below are all favorites among our fishing lure customers. Below is additional information that should help you make a decision about which one will work for you. They all have UV resistant coatings.

Solvent Resistant Glitter For Lures

 Polyester Metallics Polyester Holographic GlittersSolvent Resistant Iridescent Glitters 
 Mica Elements GlitterSolvent Resistant Fluorescent Glitters 

Glitter For Epoxy & Resin Lures
 Polyester Metallics Polyester Holographic Glitters Polyester Iridescent Glitters
 Mica Elements Glitter Polyester Fluorescent Nova Glitters 

High Heat Glitter For Fishing Lures

 Polyester Metallics Polyester Holographic Glitters Polyester Fluorescent Nova Glitters
 Mica Elements Glitter