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Theatrical Set Glitter

Pick The Correct Glitter For The Job

There are so many different types of glitter and each one has a unique set of properties. Get the wrong kind and you have a mess on your hands and money wasted. Get the correct one, and your project will be amazing! Please take a look at the information provided below and if you have any questions, please let us know.

There is a rule with glitter "The bigger the flake, the bigger the sparkle". If you have a big house and need the glitter to sparkle to the back row, then go big with your flakes. Sets are temporary things so using Craft Glitter is an affordable and acceptable choice. However, if you are creating outdoor sets that are going to sit in sun and other weather conditions, then it might be better to move over to Polyester Glitter. It has better coatings that will protect it from fading and bleeding. New on the scene is Hybrid Glitter. This stuff sparkles like crazy and would be terrific on the stage, especially in the larger flakes!

All Craft GlittersHybrid Glitter CollectionPolyester Glitter Collection
Many Flake Sizes
Indoor Only
Highly Reflective
Indoor Only
UV & Water Resistant
Highly Reflective