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Please enjoy the following craft projects and tips/techniques. The skill level for all projects shown here are for beginners. They are fun, easy and many are perfect for working with children. We hope you give them a try!

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Glittering Koi Candles

Posted by Tabitha on 4/26/2017 to Projects
Glittering Koi Candles

This fun glitter project is great for kids and adults alike. Choosing a household decoration to embellish with glitter is half the fun. I found these Koi Candles at a yard sale.

I chose Mod Podge and Mystic Starlight (one of our polyester iridescent glitters) to give them a more

realistic look.

I first brushed the Mod Podge onto sections of each candle, then using a fluffy paint brush I applied

the glitter. I worked in sections so that the glue didn't dry too quickly.

The faces were left free of glitter though I still wanted a bit of shine on the face.

One face got sprayed with Krylon Preserve it.

On the other face I tried the Mod Podge.

The faces both turned out wonderfully. The fish on the right is the Mod Podge and the fish on the left is the

Preserve it. I prefer the Mod Podge for the shimmery shine look.

These candles are for decoration only. It really is not a great idea to burn glitter.