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Glitter Letters & Signs

Glitter For Signs and Letters

With signs and letters there is an important question to start with- Is this sign going to be exposed to sun (UV) for long periods of time? If the answer is "yes" then you need to make sure you do not use Craft or Hybrid glitters. They do not have UV resistant coatings. The next question is - are you sealing your glitter and if so, with what? If you are using a solvent based sealer, then again you do not want to use Craft or Hybrid glitters. They are not solvent resistant and can bleed or even melt. Craft Glitter & Hybrid Glitter are for temporary signs, indoor signs, and for signs that will have minimal sealing (so the shine does not get knocked down too much). 

For professional signs, permanent installation, outdoor signs, and signs sealed with solvent-based sealers, you will want to use Polyester Glitters. Be sure to avoid Cosmetic Polyester glitters (no UV resistance).

Glitter For Indoor Signs

Craft Fine Flake GlitterCraft Chunky Flake GlittersCraft Fat Flake GlitterCraft Jumbo Flakes
Craft Colossal GlitterCraft Square Glitter Craft Glitter MixesFragmented Craft Glitter
Hybrid Ultra Fine Flake GlitterHybrid Fine Flake GlitterHybrid Chunky Flake GlitterHybrid Jumbo Flake Glitter
Cosmetic Iridescent GlittersCosmetic Metallic GlittersCosmetic Mica Elements GlitterCosmetic Holographic Glitters
Cosmetic Pearlescent Glitters

Glitter For Outdoor Signs

Polyester Glitter CollectionPolyester MetallicsPolyester Holographic GlittersPolyester Iridescent Glitters
Mica Elements GlitterPolyester Fluorescent Nova Glitters

Solvent Resistant Glitters

Solvent Resistant GlittersPolyester MetallicsPolyester Holographic GlittersSolvent Resistant Iridescent Glitters
Mica Elements GlitterSolvent Resistant Fluorescent Glitters