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School Glitter

Glitter For Schools

There is one glitter that we recommend for using in schools, and that is Craft Glitter. It was developed as a school glitter and it has a lot going for it. It is relatively inexpensive, does not stick to skin, clothes, hair, and it cleans up easier than polyester glitters. As with all the glitters we sell, it is also non-toxic. A lot of glitter companies do not stock it or if they do, they offer a small selection of colors. BulkGlitters.com loves craft glitter and offers you a huge selection and many flake sizes to choose from. We have many colors made exclusively for us and add new colors all the time!

All Craft GlittersCraft Fine Flake Glitter

Craft Chunky Flake Glitters
Chunky= Standard Size
(largest selection)
Craft Fat Flake GlitterCraft Jumbo FlakesCraft Colossal Glitter
Craft Square Glitter Craft Glitter MixesFragmented Craft Glitter