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Glitter Shoes

Glitter For Shoes

With so many different kinds of shoes, that there is no fast answer to "What glitter works on shoes". If you are creating ruby slippers for a high school production of Wizard of Oz, or temporary props, little kids shoes for Halloween- pull out the Mod Podge and Craft Glitter or Hybrid Glitter. If you are creating a more professional glitter shoe then we highly recommend you stick with polyester glitter. It is better with water, sun(UV), solvent resistant sealers, sparkles more, and will wear better.

Glitter For Shoes

Craft Fine Flake GlitterCraft Chunky Flake GlittersCraft Fat Flake GlitterCraft Jumbo Flakes
Craft Colossal GlitterCraft Square Glitter Craft Glitter Mixes

Hybrid Ultra Fine Flake GlitterHybrid Fine Flake GlitterHybrid Chunky Flake GlitterHybrid Jumbo Flake Glitter

Glitter For Shoes

Polyester MetallicsPolyester Holographic GlittersPolyester Iridescent GlittersMica Elements GlitterPolyester Fluorescent Nova Glitters

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