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Outdoor Scattering

Eco-Friendly Throwing Glitter

Throwing regular glitter around outside is not a great idea for the environment. It is hard to control and if you are on a city street, it could end up in a storm drain or even in the ocean. Not great.  There is a solution to have your fun and not harm anything. It is called Biodegradable Glitters, and we sell it in the Boutique Exhibition section of the site. The benefit of using these glitters is that they are environmentally friendly. They are lightweight and hang beautifully in the air when tossing. They melt away in water and compost easily. They look like regular glitter and are cosmetic grade. Throw it at weddings, parties, Burning Man, outdoor photo shoots, parades, color runs, and more!  The description for each glitter will tell you what they are made from and you can view the MSDS sheet on each for more information as well. See it in action... GLITTER WAR

Biodegradable Glitter