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Glitter For Resin-Epoxy

Glitter For Fishing Lures

There are many different brands of epoxy and resin and there is no way we can guarantee success with all of them. There are many factors including environmental, skill level and more that can determine success with epoxy. What we can tell you, is that we use many types of glitter in our professional art studio and have tested all of the ones below. We feel confident in recommending all of the Polyesters, Cosmetic Grade, Boutique, and Hybrid Glitters. We also tested the Craft and they held up really well, but there may be some slight color changing with a few of the colors. You can use them, but be sure to test with your brand of epoxy before buying in bulk for a large project.

Polyester Glitter CollectionPolyester MetallicsPolyester Holographic GlittersPolyester Iridescent Glitters

Mica Elements GlitterPolyester Fluorescent Nova Glitters

Cosmetic Glitter MenuCosmetic Metallic Glitters Cosmetic Holographic GlittersCosmetic Iridescent Glitters

Cosmetic Mica Elements GlitterCosmetic Prism GlittersCosmetic Pearlescent Glitters 

Hybrid Glitter CollectionHybrid Ultra Fine Flake GlitterHybrid Fine Flake GlitterHybrid Chunky Flake Glitter 

Hybrid Jumbo Flake Glitter

All Craft GlittersCraft Fine Flake Glitter Craft Chunky Flake Glitters Craft Fat Flake Glitter

Craft Jumbo Flakes Craft Colossal GlitterCraft Square Glitter