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Outdoor Glitter Art

Glitter For Outdoor Items

All glitters fade. It is just a fact. BUT, choosing the right glitter and using a good outdoor sealer can slow the fade way down. Also, where you have the glitter positioned, and even where on the planet you are located. Glitter in Seattle WA is going to fade way slower then Orlando, FL. Below are the glitters that have UV resistant coatings, and hold up pretty well in the elements (especially with a good sealer). We do a lot of outdoor art at the Glitter My World studio so we have a lot of hands-on experience with this.

Polyester Glitter CollectionPolyester MetallicsPolyester Holographic Glitters
Polyester Iridescent GlittersMica Elements GlitterPolyester Fluorescent Nova Glitters

Solvent Resistant Glitter

Plan to assist your glitter against the outdoor elements? Great idea! 
The glitters below can handle clearcoats, urethanes, & other high-quality outdoor sealers.

Solvent Resistant GlittersPolyester MetallicsPolyester Holographic Glitters
Solvent Resistant Iridescent GlittersMica Elements GlitterSolvent Resistant Fluorescent Glitters