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Shop Glitter By Sparkle Factor

For some it is color, others it is flake size, and for some it is all about the sparkle!  
If you fall into that category then you have found yourself in the right part of our website. Below we are showing you which glitter types sparkle the most. In addition to the provided chart, please keep in mind that the bigger the flake, the bigger the sparkle. If sparkle is what matters most to you, go big!!

Metallic Glitters

Metallic Finish

Sparkle Factor Four
Pearlescent Glitters

Pearlescent Finish

Sparkle Factor Three
Iridescent Glitters

Iridescent Finish

Sparkle Factor Three

Holographic Glitter

Holographic Finish

Sparkle Factor Five
Mica Elements Glitter

Mica Elements Finish

Sparkle Factor Three
Fluorescent Glitter

Fluorescent Matte Finish

Sparkle Factor Zero