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Cosmetic- Hair

Glitter Hair

Glitter Hair is a great look and can be super easy. From tossing it on to mixing it into product, the possibilities are truly endless. If you are simply tossing the glitter onto hair, then any of the cosmetic glitters will work fine for that. If you are mixing it into gels or related mediums then it is best to stay away from glitters with aluminum finishes (metallics & holographics). Exception- If you are going to mix glitter into gels and use it instantly, then you can use the metallic coated glitters. It is only when you mix it into water-based products and then let it sit in the container that you run into issues.

Putting glitter onto wigs? If you are, then the wig creates a barrier between the scalp and the glitter. This means that any glitter we sell is fine to use, so go for it!

Glitter For Hair
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