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The rumors are true... we do make custom glitter mixes for our customers. Allow our resident "Glitter Magician" create a custom glitter mix for you! The minimum order is only 4 ounces, and you can choose from a huge array of colors and glitter types. Let's make glitter magic together!
  • Glitterati Mixes Glitterati Mixes
    With this mix, you can take a single color (any family) and mix it with either a Holographic or an Iridescent color. The effects are simply Glitterati!
  • Family Mixes Family Mixes
    Family Mixes allow you to mix up to 5 colors of glitters as long as they are all in the same family. ie all Pearlescents or all Metallics etc.
  • Escape Mixes Escape Mixes
    Want the ability to go wild? With Escape Mixes, you can combine any type of glitter with any type of glitter. No rules, no boundaries!

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