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Glitter Bubble Bottles

Posted by Tabitha on 4/28/2017 to Projects
Glitter Bubble Bottles

This Glitter Art Project is great for a Girl Scout craft project, kids glitter art project, wedding favor, or a party favor idea.

I found these turtle bubble bottles in a local toy store. I added iridescent ultra fine glitter to this bubble stuff and the bubbles still blew. When the bubbles pop they drop flakes of glitter onto the surfaces they touch. I used poly iridescent glitters in the following colors; Pink Patrol (what a great pink), Lions Breath, Astral Blast, and Harlequin Radiance.

The trick is to add enough glitter, but not too much. If you add too much the bubbles will not form. When I tried the metallic poly glitters, holographic poly glitters, and pearlescent poly glitters the bubbles did not form well.

I made a paper funnel small enough to fit into the bottle, added polyester glitter to each bottle (about 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon to each one), put the lid back onto the bottle, gave them a shake, and handed them out.

When I passed these wonderful toys out to the youth at the family reunion they accepted them with MUCH Joy and bubble blowing!!!

You can add glycerine (depending on the size of your bubble jar, 1-6 drops should work) and corn syrup (try one to two glops) to add elasticity to your glitter bubbles.

Note: It is best to avoid metallic glitters that have aluminum in it. The flakes are too heavy and the bubbles pop fast.