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Please enjoy the following craft projects and tips/techniques. The skill level for all projects shown here are for beginners. They are fun, easy and many are perfect for working with children. We hope you give them a try!

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Glitter My World!

Glitter Sun Catchers #1

Posted by Tabitha on 4/27/2017 to Projects
Glitter Sun Catchers #1

This great glitter art project makes sun catchers by making your own glitter glue and painting it onto each sun catcher blank.

You can find these wonderful plastic sun catcher blanks in local craft stores.


A little glue in a small container (a little goes a long way). Note: I chose to use Elmers Clear Glue. Make just enough to use on your project. You will be throwing out any unused glue (unless you have sealed containers or bottles to store it in).

Then add your glitter or glitters, and mix fully. It is OK to use either craft glitter or polyester glitters. I chose to use ultra-fine polyester glitter.

Paint on the glitter glue using a fine tip bristle brush. You simply paint the glue onto each section that you choose. Thick coats of glue allow less light to shine through the finished sun catcher. Try and keep your coats thin or consider using translucent iridescent glitters.

For small details you might consider using a toothpick dipped in glue or an even finer paintbrush.





Here are some examples of the wonderful sun catchers that I created.




I hope you will try this fun and colorful glitter project!  They make a great gift or party favor.

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