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Order On-Line:

This is the fastest and most accurate way to order. No mistakes & you can see your grand total with tax and shipping. Orders placed on-line via our shopping cart are given priority! Usually ships 1 day!

Order via Email:

Type out your order or fill out our order form (PDF) and email it back to us as an attachment. Our address is [email protected] If you choose this method you will not know your grand total with tax and shipping. Ships 1-2 days!

Order via Mail:

If you want to mail in your order you can. You can print off our order form (PDF) and mail it in. The address is on the order form. Mail can be very slow. If you are in a hurry this is not the best way to order! Varies (slow)

Phone Help:

We do not have enough staff to accommodate phone orders and still keep the prices low. Our staff is full time on the phones helping people with questions about the glitters/products and DIY application questions.

If you are experiencing issues with ordering online, please be sure to update your browser or clear your browser's cache. Using an alternate browser is also an option.

One of the main ways we can keep our prices low is by automating the ordering process. Thank you for your understanding!