Drop Shipping Info Graphic


  • Will you ship blind (not include the BulkGlitters name on the paperwork and label)? The answer is yes!  When we set up your account we can custom make a packing slip with your name on it and your address/contact information. We can also do this for the shipping label.
  • Do your products have your name and website on them? The answer is yes BUT you can request we leave labels off the products.
  • Do you do custom labeling? The answer is no for small accounts. If you are a large company and plans to have hundreds of orders drop shipping, then contact us and we will see what we can do and put together a quote.
  • Do you send tracking direct to my customer? The answer is yes BUT, the email can be set to have your company name on it instead of ours. We can also set it not to send an email (but customers like those tracking emails and if our system sends them it is less work for you).
  • Can I use my own shipping account? The answer is yes!  Just let us know you plan to use your own UPS or FedEx account and we can set your account to allow you to do that. It will take an extra step for you during checkout but it can be done.
  • Do you charge to dropship? The answer is NO!  We do charge $10 to set up your account, custom packing slip, custom label, custom tracking email. Most companies charge a fee or percentage on orders, but once we set up your account our system processes them just like any other order. No reason to charge you extra!
  • Do we ever contact the customer directly? The answer is no. Just be sure to put your contact phone on the order (not the customers). That way if there are any issues we will come to you and not the customer.
  • Do we drop ship internationally? The answer is not at this time. It is very difficult to ship blind on international orders due to the paperwork involved.
  • Can we send you the mailing label? The answer is yes. If you prefer to generate the shipping label you can, but we do charge for that service. It is extra steps for us to email you the weight, then you email us back the label, and we have to print it outside the automated program. The cost is $5.00
  • Do you have a guaranteed shipping turnaround? The answer is no, but we do take drop shipping very seriously. If you are a regular drop-ship customer your order gets flagged as soon as it hits the system. We work extra hard to turn your orders around fast. Our normal processing time is 24-48 hours if all stock is here.
  • Can I put my items on Amazon? The answer is sure! You can take orders any way you like on any platform or in person. All we ask is that you enter the order at BulkGlitters.com using your dropship account.
  • Will you add my customers to any database or collect their emails & addresses? The answer is Yes & No. Our shipping program and website will keep a copy of the order. However, we do not harvest or collect data to sell, share, or market directly. Note- please keep in mind that a customer that you have may have bought from us before OR might find us some other way. We cannot turn them away, but we will not try to keep them or coerce them to shop from us instead of you.

We have been dropshipping for close to 10 years on a large scale and over 20 for select customers. We are pretty darn good at it... give us a try and see if it works for you and your business!