The Whole Enchilada! Glitter Assortment (24 colors)
The Whole Enchilada! Glitter Assortment (24 colors)

The Whole Enchilada! Glitter Assortment (chunky flakes .040) (24 colors)

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The Whole Enchilada! Glitter Assortment (24 colors)
Part Number: 021GMWASST
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Type: Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Film
Flake: 0.040 Hex (chunky)
Origin: Made in USA-Non Toxic
Note: Finish Varies
Safety: MSDS Sheet

Need to see it all? This craft glitter assortment has a huge assortment of colors! These small jars are handy for small projects, trying the glitter out before buying in bulk and also for using with kids. There are a total of 24 colors (1 jar of each color) in this assortment. Jar size is 3/4 oz. Note: If we are out of one of the colors pictured above we WILL substitute another fabulous color.

About the glitter:

Add a touch of sparkle to all your favorite craft projects with our premium craft glitter! We sell high-quality chunky craft glitter that is perfect for all sorts of projects for the classroom, after-school programs, church camps, sign makers, high school events, theatrical sets, parade floats & more (see below for a more complete list of applications). This glitter works great with Mod Podge, white & clear glues, paste, high-quality spray glues, on wet paint, and more.

How It Comes: Each jar holds a total of 3/4 oz of glitter. The top screws off for easy re-filling. The lid also has a pop top that allows you to pour glitter without removing the lid. Made of high-quality plastic and can be dropped without cracking. The unit will have a label with our logo, company name, and a second sticker stating the color. The jars are not labeled for resale. If this is a concern please feel free to contact us for custom label options.

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