Purple Paradise Metallic Hybrid Glitter
Purple Paradise Metallic Hybrid Glitter

Purple Paradise Metallic Hybrid Glitter (ultra fine .008)- 8 oz. Jar

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Ultra Fine flake Hybrid Glitter in an 8 oz plastic jar.
Part Number: Y35022-Y35
Availability: Usually In Stock
Type: Polyethylene Terephthalate Film
Flake: 0.008 Hex (ultra fine)
Origin: Made in USA-Non Toxic-Vegan-Cruelty Free
Note: Opaque-Metallic
Safety: MSDS Sheet

This opaque flake has briliant reflective sparkle! Add a touch of sparkle to all your favorite craft projects with our premium Hybrid Glitter! What is Hybrid Glitter? It is a polyester-based glitter with less expensive craft glitter colorants and coatings. The polyester film is thinner than craft glitter making it more sparkly! Hybrid Glitter is perfect for all sorts of projects for the classroom, after-school programs, church camps, sign makers, high school events, theatrical sets, parade floats & more. This glitter works great with Mod Podge, white & clear glues, paste, high-quality spray glues, on wet paint, and more. However, unlike regular polyester glitter, it can handle only mild solvents (epoxy is ok but test) and cannot handle prolonged sun exposure. Some colors are more water-resistant than others so be sure to test. Why use Hybrid Glitters instead of regular Polyester Glitter? THE LOWER PRICE!

How It Comes: Jar contains 8 ounces of glitter by weight (not sold by volume). The jar is clear, easy to handle and comes with a removable lid. No need to remove the lid to dispense. The lid has a snap open section for pouring and a shaker top. Easy to refill if you choose to.

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