Hybrid Glitter Assortment: Iridescent Jam (12 colors)
Hybrid Glitter Assortment: Iridescent Jam (12 colors)

Iridescent Jam (12 colors):Hybrid Glitter Assortment

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Hybrid Glitter Assortment: Iridescent Jam (12 colors)
Part Number: 004PALETTE
Availability: Out of Stock.
Type: Polyethylene Terephthalate Film
Flake: 0.008 Hex (ultra fine)
Origin: Made in USA-Non Toxic-Vegan-Cruelty Free
Note: Translucent Iridescent
Safety: MSDS Sheet

This Hybrid Glitter assortment contains 12 jars in 12 different glitters. In this assortment, we have taken four popular iridescent colors and given you three different flake sizes- .008 Ultra Fine, .015 Fine, and .040 Chunky.  Hybrid Glitters are polyester film covered with craft colorants and sealers. They should be treated like craft glitter- avoid prolonged sun and solvent exposure. They do work in some mild solvent-based materials such as epoxy.

The assortment is now offered in our standard black cap 3/4 oz jar with a pour lid. They are the perfect size for small projects, testing, and working with children. The jar lid is removable so the jar is refillable.

Here is a list of the colors in this assortment:

  • EXTREME PINK (iridescent) UF, F, C, J
  • FAIRY KISS (iridescent) UF, F, C, J
  • YELLOW ALERT! (iridescent) UF, F, C, J
  • GREEN GODDESS (iridescent) UF, F, C, J


UF= Ultra Fine 0.008

F= Fine 0.015

C= Chunky 0.040

J= Jumbo 0.094

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