Random Flake Metallic Craft Glitter
Random Flake Metallic Craft Glitter

Lav Jazz 3/4 oz Jar :Glitter Fragments

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Glitter Fragments (random cut) Craft Glitter in a 3/4 oz jar.
Part Number: 500GF3-GF3
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Type: Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Film
Flake: chunky-colossal (.040 to .125)
Origin: Made in USA-Non Toxic
Note: Opaque-Holographic
Safety: MSDS Sheet

Glitter Fragments is random cut craft glitter that is sure to grab your attention! The random cuts bounce light dramatically and unpredictably. This makes it excellent when an extra amount of bling is in order. We especially recommend it for stage sets and props.

About The Flake: It is metallic lavender flake with a secondary holographic rainbow effect. It is a thicker glitter (and heavier). The flake sizes vary as much as the shape so describing them is difficult. We would call this a chunky-colossal combo (.040 to .125). This glitter works great with Mod Podge, white & clear glues, paste, high quality spray glues, on wet paint, and more. It is NOT solvent resistant.

How It Comes: Jar contains 3/4 ounce of glitter by weight. The jar is clear, easy to handle and comes with a removable lid. No need to remove the lid to dispense. The lid has a snap open section for pouring!

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