CUSTOM GLITTER MIX: You select 3 Colors and we will mix them for you!

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Type: Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Film
Origin: Made in USA-Cosmetic-Vegan-Cruelty Free
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Believe it or not we will custom mix as little as 4 oz of glitter for you! All you have to do is dream up your perfect combination of colors and let our resident glitter magician do the rest. How it works: You can select different colors from the drop down menus and our magician will mix equal parts of those colors for you. Note: If you need a mix that has more of one color than another, feel free to select the same color more than once to make sure you get more of that color. For example- If you want a seven color blend, you can select Gala Red four times and White three times- then you are going to get 70% Gala Red and 30% White.

Not sure how the colors will look together? Send for some samples and play around until you get the combo you like. Keep in mind that there are no returns on custom mixes so be sure to plan carefully before you order.

About the glitter:

Add a touch of sparkle to all your favorite craft projects with our premium craft glitter! We sell high quality chunky craft glitter that is perfect for all sorts of projects for the classroom, after-school programs, church camps, sign makers, high school events, theatrical sets, parade floats & more (see below for a more complete list of applications). This glitter works great with Mod Podge, white & clear glues, paste, high quality spray glues, on wet paint, and more.

About The Flake: This craft glitter is hex shape and is size 0.040 (approx. 1 mm across). The rule of glitter is "The larger the flake the larger the sparkle". This chunky glitter flake catches more light, making it extra sparkly!

How It Comes-

Jar Option: Jar contains glitter by weight. Our clear plastic jar comes with a combination shaker/pour top that screws on (and is easily refillable).

Bag Option: Glitter comes in a thick poly bag. If you buy more than one 1lb bag we may combine the glitter into one bag.

Labeling: Neither the jar or bag comes labeled for resale. It will have a label with our logo, company name, and a second sticker stating the color and flake size. If you plan to resell this glitter and would like the labels left off, simply ask us to in the Comments section during checkout.

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