Select from an array of craft glitter colors and build your own glitter assortment.
Select from an array of craft glitter colors and build your own glitter assortment.


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Part Number: GMWCMX09
Availability: Usually In Stock
Type: Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Film
Flake: 0.040 Hex (chunky)
Origin: Made in USA-Non Toxic
Safety: MSDS Sheet

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3 - 5 $8.74
5 - 11 $8.50
12+ $8.25

Not seeing an assortment that will work for you? Why not build your own?! This product is a DIY assortment builder. You can use the 6 dropdown boxes to order 6 jars of whatever color you want. You are not limited in any way. You can choose 6 different colors or multiples of the same color.

About the glitter:

Add a touch of sparkle to all your favorite craft projects with our premium craft glitter! We sell high quality chunky craft glitter that is perfect for all sorts of projects for the classroom, after-school programs, church camps, sign makers, high school events, theatrical sets, parade floats & more (see below for a more complete list of applications). This glitter works great with Mod Podge, white & clear glues, paste, high quality spray glues, on wet paint, and more.

How It Comes: Each jar holds a total of 3/4 oz of glitter. The top screws off for easy re-filling. The lid also has a pop top that allows you to pour glitter without removing the lid. Made of high-quality plastic and can be dropped without cracking. The unit will have a label with our logo, company name, and a second sticker stating the color. The jars are not labeled for resale. If this is a concern please feel free to contact us for custom label options.

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