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Boutique Glitter Assortment: Fireglow (12 colors)
Boutique Glitter Assortment: Fireglow (12 colors)

Fireglow (12 colors) :Boutique Glitter Assortment

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Boutique Glitter Assortment: Fireglow (12 colors)
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Type: Polyethylene Terephthalate Film
Flake: 0.008 Hex (ultra fine)
Origin: Made in USA-Non Toxic
Note: Opaque-Holographic

This gorgeous polyester glitter assortment contains 12 jars in 12 different Fireglow colors. The Fireglow glitters are all metallic and epoxy safe. The colors are vibrant and out of this world!  Perfect for drawing attention and eye catching results. The glitter is made from PET film and is cut into Ultra Fine flakes (0.008). Mild solvent resistance.

The jars are high quality and clear with a screw cap. They fit exactly into a clear storage case. The clear jar top allows you to easily see the glitter color from the top for easy selection. Each jar holds about 1.5 teaspoons of glitter each (approx. 3.5 grams each). The storage unit is stackable with other like units.

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