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Welcome Super Glitters Customers!

Our wonderful SUPERGLITTERS.COM superhero website was great fun and it saved the day during our back to back viral events of 2016-2018. Now that we are completely settled into our new BulkGlitters.com website, we are ready to close our Super Glitters and invite you to shop our flagship site from now on. You will find a bigger selection, better prices, and bulk options on this site. 

Polyester Glitters

Metallic Glitters
Polyester Metallic
Pearlescent Glitters
Polyester Pearlescent
Poly-Acrylic Iridescent Glitters
Poly-Acrylic Iridescent
Holographic Glitters
Polyester Holographic

Fluorescent Glitter
Polyester Fluorescent
Mica Elements Glitters
Polyester Mica Elements
Shaped Glitters
Polyester Shaped Glitters

Cosmetic Grade Glitters

Cosmetic Metallic Glitter
Cosmetic Metallic
Cosmetic Holographic Glitter
Cosmetic Holographic
Cosmetic Iridescent Glitter
Cosmetic Iridescent
Cosmetic Prism Glitter
Cosmetic Prism

Cosmetic Prism Glitters
Cosmetic Mica Elements
Cosmetic Pearlescent Glitter
Cosmetic Pearlescent
Cosmetic Biodegradable Glitter
Cosmetic Biodegradable