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Devine Daffodil : Twisted Glitter Cosmetic Mix
Twisted Glitter Mix (shown highly magnified)

Devine Daffodil : Twisted Glitter Cosmetic Mix

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Devine Daffodil : Twisted Glitter Mix
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Twisted Glitters is a line of cosmetic grade glitter mixes. The glitters are all considered skin safe using FDA approved ingredients and materials.

This mix contains a variety of flake sizes for that lovely "festival look". In addition so several colored glitters, there are clear iridescent color shifting flakes in the mix that give it an extra special look when light hits it. We hope you love it!

Glitter Details:

  • PET Film/Acrylic
  • Non-Toxic
  • Flake size- varies
  • Made in the USA
  • Cosmetic Grade (skin safe)

Product Details:

May 13th Launch- Mini Jars only. The Mini Jar is filled by volume (about 2 teaspoons). 

June 2019 Bulk Launch- All black cap jars are high impact plastic and come with lids with shaker and/or pour tops and a safety seal. This polyester glitter mix is sold in four jar sizes or in a Mini Jar. All mixes are measured by weight except for the Mini Jar which is filled by volume (about 2 teaspoons).  There is also a bagged glitter option. All products come with labels that show the glitter color, our logo & company name. They are not labeled for resale (if this is an issue please contact us for options).

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