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Newest Releases

New Glitter Items


New Craft Glitters

A Midnight Blue
A Midnight Blue (Jumbo)
Carnation Pink
Carnation Pink (Fine)

Icicle Clear (Fine- Chunky)
Solid Core Craft
Solid Core (6 Colors)
-New Craft-

Pine Needle Green
Pine Needle Green (5 sizes)
Crimson Crush
Crimson Crush (5 sizes)
Gingerbread (5 sizes)

Cosmetic Glitter

Purple Moon
Purple Moon (chunky)
Runway Red
Runway Red (chunky)
Slinky Silver
Slinky Silver (chunky)
Cloud Buster Clear
Cloud Buster Clear (chunky)

Peacock (ultra fine)
Madison's Magic
Madison's Magic (ultra fine)

Polyester Glitter

Glitterati Rainbow
Glitterati Rainbow Iridescent (chunky)
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Holographic (chunky)
Sandcastle Metallic (chunky)
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Metallic (chunky)

Hybrid Glitter

(six new mixes and an assortment)

Biodegradable Glitters

Ruby Red Kiss
Ruby Red Kiss (ultra fine)
Green Gator
Green Gator (ultra fine)
Empress Violet
Empress Violet (ultra fine)
Golden Sunbear
Golden Sunbear (ultra fine)

Angel One
Angel One (chunky)
Heart of Mistmoor
Heart Of Mistmoor (chunky)

Other Glitter Items

Foxy Four