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This is what the unit looks like with no jars.
This is what the unit looks like with no jars.

Z- Mini Jar Stackable Storage Unit (no jars) Holds 6

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Gloss Black

We created this light plastic storage unit to hold 6 of our Mini jars (not included). The unit comes with a shiny black bottom that holds up to 6 mini jars. There is a clear plastic top that fits snugly over the base. 

The best part is that the units are stackable!  If you have 2 more of these units you can stack them on top of each other to keep your precious counter space neat and tidy.  The storage unit is made of lightweight plastic but is quite sturdy. We avoided making them from the clear plastic that cracks when you drop it or breaks in shipping. These units can drop on the floor with little to no damage. 

Bottom Note: The bottom of the unit allows for a blank card to be attached using double stick tape or dots. If you want to brand these as your own, you can print out a card and attach it to the bottom. We do not include cards or sticky dots, but it is easily done and looks very professional. It is a nice large space for branding and marketing your glitters (image shows an example with a blank card).

This listing is for the storage unit (without the jars). Empty mini jars are available and are sold separately.

Note: They were built to fit any of the Mini jars we have sold to you in the past as well as the ones we currently sell. They will also fit the Bitty jars BUT they will rattle around in them a bit (Bitty jars are smaller). 

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