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Mia Familia Glitter Assortment: Orion's Belt (6 colors)
Mia Familia Glitter Assortment: Orion's Belt (6 colors)

Orion's Belt (6 colors) :Mia Familia Glitter Assortment

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Polyethylene Terephthalate Film


0.008 Hex (ultra fine)


Made in USA-Non Toxic-Vegan-Cruelty Free




This stunning polyester glitter assortment contains 6 jars in 6 different colors. The glitters are all opaque and have a base color with multi-color flashes on top. Holographic glitter is gorgeous! The glitters are high quality and the material is made here in the USA. This set would be wonderful for arts & crafts applications as well as nail systems (OK for solvents).

There are 6 jars that fit perfectly into a stackable storage unit. Each jar is clear bottom with a clear top for easy viewing. Each jar holds approx. 2 teaspoons of glitter each (approx. 3.5 grams each).

Here is a list of the colors in this assortment:

  • Prophet's Tears (UF)
  • Nebulas Spin (UF)
  • Ebonhawk (UF)
  • Nexus Blue (UF)
  • Centauri Silver (UF)
  • Quasar Blue (UF)

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