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New For Your Eyes Only (12 colors for eyes) :COSMETIC Liberated Glitter Assortment
COSMETIC Liberated Glitter Assortment: New For Your Eyes Only

New For Your Eyes Only (12 colors for eyes) :COSMETIC Liberated Glitter Assortment

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Part Number:018-LIBERATED

This lovely Cosmetic Grade polyester glitter assortment contains 12 mini jars in 12 different colors. The glitters vary in type and finish, but are all considered "Lip Safe" by the FDA. The glitters are all high quality and made here in the USA.

The glitter comes in our Mini Jars, which are high-quality clear plastic with a screw cap. They fit exactly into a stackable storage case. The clear jar top allows you to easily see the glitter color from the top for easy selection and have their name on a sticker placed on the bottom. Size: Mini Jars are 1 1/2" across and 3/4" high. They hold about 2 teaspoons of glitter each (approx. 3.5 grams each-weight varies by color). There are both fine and ultra fine flakes in this assortment.

Here is a list of the colors in this assortment:

  • BACK IN BLACK (.015 F Holographic)
  • STAR STRUCK SILVER (.015 F Holographic)
  • GOLDEN TIARA (.008 UF Metallic)
  • RUNE SEEKER RED (.008 UF Iridescent)
  • PARAGON SKY (.008 UF Pearlescent)
  • GOLDEN SUN YELLOW (.008 UF Iridescent)
  • DANCE AT DUSK (.008 UF Metallic)
  • GLAMOUR GREEN (.008 UF Metallic)
  • MINT JULIP (.015 F Holographic)
  • KISS THE SKY (.015 F Holographic)
  • BLUSHES PINK (.008 UF Metallic)
  • PURPLE MOON (.008 UF Metallic)

Note: The glitters in this assortment are all OK for Eyes and Skin.

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