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Iridescent Glitter Snow (10oz)
Iridescent Glitter Snow (12oz)

Iridescent Glitter Snow (10oz)

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Part Number:25659L52-L52

Iridescent Glitter Snow is a clear glitter that has an iridescent shine. It flashes color in the light. The cut is random, giving it an icy look to it. It is very pretty and works well as a fancy fake snow. It is also waterproof and works in snow globes. The particles vary in size but are on the large side (0.035+). When piled up it has a fluffy look to it. It can also be glued down flat for a more icy look.

OK for most glues and adhesives. It is NOT solvent resistant. It is sold in a quart size jar with a screw on pour lid and weighs 10oz.

Also available in 1 pound and 5 pound bags (see separate listings).

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