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Glitter Winter Home

Posted by Tabitha on 4/27/2017 to Projects
Glitter Winter Home

This glitter Christmas decoration project was inspired by the many raw plaster decorations in local arts and crafts stores.

For this glitter art project you will need:

  • a plaster decoration
  • Elmer's Clear Glue
  • chose a variety of glitters (I chose polyester glitter)
  • a paintbrush or two (fine, medium, use a large brush for the bigger parts that need painting)
  • several small containers to make glitter glue in

The first step is to wipe the plaster dust off of your decoration. Wipe your decoration down with a damp towel then allow to dry.

To make the glitter glue (that will then be the paint for your decoration):

  1. pour a little (or a lot) of glue into each of the small containers that you chose.
  2. Add just enough glue to make the glitter glue just under a paste consistency (the thicker the glitter glue the harder to paint onto the decoration)

Poly Pearlescent Aster Red and Metallic Victorian Red were the red glitters I chose.

I made a mix of the reds for the roof and used only the Aster Red glitter glue for the front door of the house.

Poly Metallic Storybrook Brown glitter glue was used for the brick of the Christmas decoration.

Holographic Gemini Green glitter glue was painted onto the trim sections of this Christmas table decoration.

I made a mix of the Poly Iridescent Stonehammer Glimmer glitter and the Poly Cosmetic Grade Iridescent Mists of the Mint glitter glue for the snow sections of the house.

3. Paint your decoration with the glitter glues you have made.

It took this house about thirty minutes in a warm room to dry fully. I ended up painting this Christmas house in sections, so that I had places to hold as I turned the house about to paint it.

This glitter Christmas decoration is wonderful as a table centerpiece or part of a larger winter wonderland scene.

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