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Glitter Toucan Decoration

Posted by Tabitha on 4/27/2017 to Projects
Glitter Toucan Decoration

Add a little glitz and glitter to your next party (whether it is a wedding, baby shower, Mardi Gras, or any other themed party). Decorating with glitter can become a talking point at your next event.

This wonderful party decoration inspired me in a most extreme way.  With the magic of craft glitter and the joy that all things sparkly brings out in a person. This was a simple cardboard lulu decoration that I decided to add 9 colors of craft glitter to (coppered orange, blue dazzle, tarnished gold, lime luster, bronze glitz, champagne, magenta magic- and for the black portions of the decoration I mixed midnight blue and black glimmer). I used a light tack masking tape (to section off each part, to minimize the glitter creep), and the Scotch Super 77 spray adhesive. 


Here is the parrot decoration before the glitter was added.


I masked off each section, including several on the head portion.

By adding masking over the glittered sections, I was able to keep the glitters separate. If you don't cover the glitter and you drop more on, it will mix and be nearly impossible to pick out the second color.


Working with an Exacto knife to carefully cut out the masks I then used Super 77 to spray an area and then glitter it. Then tap off the excess and then cover it, so I could start the next section and next glitter color.


And the finished project in all it's glitter greatness.I decided to put glitter on the whole decoration, but you could also choose to just do just accents.


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