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Join The Glitter Club at Glitter My World!

The Glitter Club is a members only club for glitter enthusiasts!  Members will receive samples, gifts, discounts, voting rights on new glitter names & access to the "Red Room" section of the website and more. Want to join?  All you have to do is prove you are a glitter enthusiast and you are in!  

There is no cost to join and we will set you up with a Club Account. When you go to log-in at this website you will be recognized as a club member, and automatically given discounts and access to the Red Room pages/products.

How to join: Be creative!  Send us a picture, video, glitter concept, blog post, glitter story or come up with something else that will blow our minds. Just go for it and have no fear! Use the application form at TheGlitterClub.com

We hope you join us in the quest!