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There is a difference between Craft Glitter & Polyester Glitter. This page will help you understand that difference.

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Craft Glitter Properties

All the plastic flake Craft Glitters that we sell here on this website all have very similar properties. The one difference is that some are metallic coated and others are not (they are just glossy). As with all glitters, it is always important to do tests before beginning a project! If you are shopping on our website looking for glitter for a specific project, we highly recommend using this page before you go any farther SHOP BY USAGE 

  • School Art Projects
  • Most low UV exposure Epoxy Projects (not floors)
  • Glitter Hats
  • Parade Floats
  • Costumes (will not survive multiple washes)
  • Masks
  • Theater Sets
  • Party Decorations
  • Floral Accents
  • Children's Crafts
  • Craft Kits
  • Signs (Indoors due to sun fade over long periods)
  • Store Window Displays
  • Home Decorations
  • Applied on Glass
  • Pictures/Mirrors
  • Walls & Ceilings (Blown on when paint is wet)
  • Sand Art Alternative
  • Decorating Shoes (will not survive multiple washes)
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Photo shoot effects
  • When you need volume (filling spaces or containers)
  • Inside balloons (not all)

Why use it? Craft glitter is super affordable! If you need to do a big project, fill a big space, have a limited budget, then craft glitter is the best way to go. It is 2-5 times less expensive than polyester. Also, the larger flake craft glitters bounce a lot of light, and are super sparkly (the fine flake colors are a much smaller sparkle). If you are viewing your project from a distance then large flake craft glitter can be a great choice. Fine flake glitters are fine up close, but stand far away and that sparkle can fade away. 

Why not? Craft glitter is basically an indoor glitter or limited exposure outdoor glitter. Yes, it will probably survive a Summer outside and some rain downpours. However, if you expect it to do it year after year, you will not be happy. Plan to wear it on your body or wash a glittered shirt every week? Craft glitter is not a good choice. Craft glitter does not work with all adhesives and sealers. Even a water-based Polyurethane can cause it to clump or bleed. We have tested all our craft glitters with a standard epoxy and it seemed to do just fine. Always test before making a bulk purchase.

With craft glitter, the smaller the flake the more sparkle you give up. There are two reasons for this- 1. The rule with glitter is the bigger the flake, the bigger the sparkle. It has to do with surface area for the light to bounce off. Tiny flake can equal tiny sparkle.  2. This is even more important- craft glitter film is thick. When you cut it super small you not only see the top and bottom but a lot of the non-sparkling edge of the film. Some people really like the look of the muted shine on the fine flakes. Others do not and can be disappointed. If you think you might be one of the latter, you should consider moving over into Hybrid or Polyester glitters (much thinner films so the edge issue basically goes away).

We have a section of the site called Shop By Usage. If you are shopping on this site looking for a specific project then we highly recommend using this page before you go any farther- https://www.bulkglitters.com/Shop_By_Glitter_Usage.html

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Each Polyester Glitter type has unique properties. The description of each glitter will spell out any limitations it may have. Not all are solvent resistant & not all are cosmetic grade, etc. We offer a QUICK VIEW CHART that can give you some of this data at a glance.  If you are shopping on our website looking for glitter for a specific project, we highly recommend using this page before you go any farther SHOP BY USAGE 

  • Boating and other Fiberglass or Gelcoat applications: Boats, Carnival Ride Cars, Pre-Fab Domes
  • Fishing Lures
  • Makeup (Cosmetics): Nail Polish, Body Creams & Lotions, Hair Spray, Glitter Nails, Hair Gels
  • Making Crayons
  • Mixed Into Finger Paints
  • With Fabric Adhesives: decorating clothing. sneakers, pumps
  • T-Shirts, (silk screened) mixed with Plastisol. (.008 is most popular size)
  • Clown Makeup
  • Ceramics (after firing)
  • Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
  • Mixed Into Inks & Paints
  • With Clear Adhesives
  • Make Glitter Pens (mixed with adhesive)
  • Rubber Stamp Kits & Greeting Cards
  • Fabric Printing (Flocking)
  • Automotive/Cars
  • Floral Decorations (Artificial, Dry, Live)
  • Candle Decorating
  • Flooring
  • Wallpaper
  • Posters & Displays
  • Car Paint
  • Inside Balloons (metallic & iridescent are best)
  • Casting, Pouring, Coating Epoxy

Why use it? Polyester glitter is a very versatile glitter. They can be mixed into things, many are fine with solvents, it is gorgeous, and comes in lots of colors and types.

Why not? Polyester glitter is very expensive! If you can afford to use it and it fits your needs then go for it. Not all polyesters have the same properties. There are limitations! Read the descriptions of each glitter before purchasing. We are not responsible for incorrect usage.

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