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Please enjoy the following craft projects and tips/techniques. The skill level for all projects shown here are for beginners. They are fun, easy and many are perfect for working with children. We hope you give them a try!

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Glitter My World!

Ceramic Bunny Set

Posted by Tabitha on 4/28/2017 to Projects
Ceramic Bunny Set

This fun glitter project is great for kids and adults alike. Choosing a household decoration to embelish with glitter is half the fun.

This set of ceramic bunnies called out for a bit of glittery goodness. Each flower decoration desperately needed a hit glitter, so I set about doing so. This project used Mod Podge, eight different fine craft glitters in Royal Blue Streak and Light Blue Luster for the blue flowers. Pink Sparkle, Lavender Sky, and Gala Red were used for the pink flowers. Gold Rush and Morning Gold were used for the yellow flowers. And Kelly Green Dream was used for the leaves.

I poured a small portion of Mod Podge into a small cup then added the glitters for each color set.

Mixing the glitter into the Mod Podge throughly.

The applying the glitter glue mix to each section.

Here is a close up on one of the bunnies.

And the pair together.

These were donated to our family reunion auction and were picked up by a young cousin. They went from nice to fabulous with simple touches of glitter and a little crafting session!