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Excaliburs Charge :Cosmetic Carnivale Iridescent Glitter (jar)
Excaliburs Charge :Cosmetic Carnivale Iridescent Glitter (jar)

Excaliburs Charge :Ultra Fine Cosmetic Carnivale Iridescent Glitter (jar)

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Polyethylene Terephthalate Film


0.008 Hex (ultra fine)


Made in USA-Cosmetic-Vegan-Cruelty Free




Carnivale Iridescents offer translucent glitters that are made from an iridescent film that is then tinted with a color, and finished with an overcoat of brilliant gold. This allows for a much richer look than most iridescent glitters that you generally see for sale. The glitter is eye catching and breathtakingly gorgeous!

Jar Details: The glitter is sold in a clear jar that we call "The Mini". The jar holds approx. 2 teaspoons of glitter and is filled by volume not weight (due to extreme variances in glitter weight color to color). There is a round label on the bottom that says the name of the glitter and also has our web address and logo. If you wish to resell these jars, you can ask for "no labels on jars" in the Comments Section when you checkout.

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