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Calming Jar 1

Posted by Tabitha on 4/28/2017 to Projects
Calming Jar 1

Glitter calming jars can be made for specific seasonal and holiday times.

Calming jars are also called Calm Jars, Calm Down Jars, Mind Jars, Time Out Jars, Relaxing Jars, and Relaxation Jars.

This wonderful jar was found at http://www.sandartsupplies.com/. This company has a large variety of shaped jars.

As filler items for this heart jar I used:

  • Clear Elmer's Glue
  • Hot water
  • a silicone sealer (E6000, Lexel, or another type craft or household silicone sealer)

Pour the hot water in (if you use glitter glue, make sure to use hot water or the glitter will clump at the bottom of your jar),

add your glitter, beads, and shapes to the water,

then add the glue.

I use a 50-50 mix. Though a 3 parts water to a 1 part glue ratio has also been used. Fill to about an inch from the top. Put the lid on the bottle and then shake the container well to mix the water, glue, glitter, and shapes fully. Finish filling the container until there is only a small space at the top. Other calming jar liquids are bubbles, a mix of glycerine and water (50/50 mix or 2/3 to 1/3 mixed ratio), or a mix of corn syrup and water (50/50 mix or 2/3 to 1/3 mixed ratio).

You can premix a container of water and glue (or of the other water mixes) and use that for filling up your shaped container/jar. If you choose this method, make sure to fill your container to about 1/2 to 1/3 full, add your glitters, shapes, and/or beads, shake well, then fill the jar the rest of the way with the liquid.

The more glue (or glycerine or corn syrup) you use the slower the glitter will fall. When using the bubbles (a premixed liquid used by children and adults to blow bubbles) do not add more water to the mix.

Seal the jar with the silicone sealer. Allow to fully dry before shaking.

And voila.

This glitter calming jar heart takes about 10 minutes for the craft glitter to settle at the bottom and another 37 minutes to the poly glitters to fully settle.