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Boutique Glitter Collection

Welcome to our Boutique line of glitters!
Each glitter was hand-picked for its uniqueness- whether that is due to its coating, quality or color. We will be adding more colors throughout the year so be sure to keep checking back and join our social media sites and subscribe to our newsletter (bottom of page).
We hope you enjoy this new collection!

Polyester Boutique Glitters
Boutique Carnivale Glitters
The Carnivale Line offers 12 glitters
overcoated in brilliant gold.
-Cosmetic Grade-
Boutique Storyteller Glitters
The Storyteller Line offers 12 colors of 
beautiful skin safe metallic glitters.
-Cosmetic Grade-
Boutique Eclipse Glitters
The Eclipse Line offers 12 colors of
stunning holographic glitters.
-Cosmetic Grade-

Boutique Fireglow Glitters
The Fireglow Line offers 12 colors of
brilliant & glowing metallic glitters.
-Solvent Resistant-
Boutique Exhibitions Glitters
Exhibitions is full of special glitters
that are one of a kind.
Jester Effects Shaped Glitters
Jester Effects offers variously shaped
glitters in popular colors.
-Solvent Resistant-

Hybrid Glitter Collection

Hybrid is a new type of glitter that will be especially appealing to crafters and also fine artists that paint with glitter. It is a glitter that is made from polyester film but is coated with craft glitter colorants and epoxy coatings. Why do this? The polyester film is thin and produces a glitter that sparkles much more than traditional craft glitter. The inexpensive colorants and coatings bring the cost way down which is terrific! Drawbacks... lower UV resistance, not solvent resistant. It is still an indoor glitter and not made for industrial applications.

Hybrid Gitter Fine Flakeshybrid Glitter Chunky FlakesHybrid Gitter Jumbo Flakes

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