This 4th of July easy craft and art project is wonderful for kids and adults.

This glitter project uses three colors of fine craft glitter ( Gala Red, Royal Blue Streak, and Crystal Clear), Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, and two or three sizes of paint brushes (a fine paint brush, a medium paint brush, and a bigger fluffy paint brush [for applying the glitter]). You can do this with all sorts of bowls you might have laying around or found at garage sales or even the dollar store.

Apply a drop of glue to the center mark of each circle.

Using the medium paint brush, cover the white portion of bisected circle.

If using a big fluffy brush to apply the glitter, gather the glitter by dipping the brush into the glitter.

On the smaller sections, use a small drop. You can utilize a smaller paint brush to spread the glue out so it reaches the edges.

This is how the craft glitter looked with the sections I chose to color. If you use a chunky flake glitter the size of your glitter will be more pronounced. It is harder to do detailed work with the larger flakes.

Here is the set I make as party dishes!