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Samples Update June 2016


Someone posted on-line that you could get "single usage glitter jars for .25 cents" from We literally had hundreds of orders come through in a period of 4 days. When pressed, 90 percent of those we contacted had no intention of placing an actual order. They just wanted .25 cent glitter.
We offered the samples to customers who needed to see and test the glitter before placing an order. We sold them at a loss because we appreciate people testing the glitters before they order. We also set the shipping cost way below cost.  We lost between $4 and $12 per sample order depending on how many samples were ordered. 
If we continued the way we were, we would have had to raise the price on products to cover the massive loss on the samples. This would be completely unfair to our current customers. If we did not raise product prices would simply be put out of business. To protect our current and future customers we had to put the brakes on this issue.
If you are a business with a resale license and need samples to use for your business, please feel free to contact us. For all over inquiries, please feel free to explore the Bitty Jars. They are quite affordable.  Thank you!
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