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Treasure Box

Posted by Tabitha Atkinson with Shamiana Crossman on

Shamiana Crossman wanted to make a treasure box for a young girl she knows.  Our response was "OH COURSE come on up to the CPG studios"!  

This project utilized;

The first step in making this wonderful treasure box was to stick the shelf paper onto the cardboard of the shoe box. Shamiana opened up the cardboard shoe box, cut pieces of the shelf paper to fit the inside of the box, then pressed the paper onto the cardboard box (using a plastic squeegee) as she peeled the backing paper off of the shelf paper.  She repeated this method for the outside of the box, where she used a rose printed wrapping paper.


We made vinyl stickers from two drawings that Shami drew. 


The vinyl stickers were used as glitter stencils for the inside and outside of the box.

Before Shamiana adhered the sticker onto the inside of the box, she lightly sprayed the inside of the box with Super 77 spray adhesive, then lightly dusted the paper with poly glitter iridescent pixie petals.


Once the vinyl sticker was peeled off of the box the glitter design turned out great.


The cake stencil was cut out and then glued to the top of the treasure box.


Shamiana also chose a silk flower to glitter up and decorate the box.

She took apart the flower section from the leaves of the flower.


She sprayed the flower with Scotch Super 77 spray adhesive then sprinkled the glitter onto the flower.


Shamiana repeated the spray adhesive technic on the leaves of the silk flower, she also pressed the glitter into the spray adhesive after she sprinkled the glitter onto the leaves.


The flower turned out wonderful.


Shamiana then chose some plastic jewels which she sprayed with Super 77 Spray Adhesive, pressing the jewel into the glitter, and then gluing the gems onto the sides of the box.


The treasure box is being enjoyed greatly by a wonderful young girl.